Poison Vine Gift Box Set

When presenting the Poison Vine Gift Box Set, the gifter carries in their hand a powerful statement whose contrasting colors and textures incite an immediate emotional response.

Replete with matte tissue paper within, the exterior of the square gift box features winding vines in bold black ink.

Tied around the package with an adept hand, a lustrous black bow or striped black bow juxtaposes the bold spirals of the poison ivy and invites the recipient to peel it off carefully, yet eagerly.

Finally, a wide tag cut of kraft textured paper is knotted round the set and is printed with a single blooming peony of poppy ink.

Ribbons, mini notecards and gift tags are available to purchase separately to complete the look.

The Gift Box measures 5” X 5” X 31/2”


Ribbon Choice: