Peony Gift Box Set

The delicacy of a bouquet with the boldness of a message that is truly timeless.

Replete with matte tissue paper within, the exterior of the square gift box features thick-petaled peonies about its slender face.

Tied around the package with an adept hand, a lustrous bow (in either black or black striped ribbon) mimics the perennial’s blossom and invites the recipient to peel it off carefully, yet eagerly.

Finally, a large gift tag of Kraft textured paper is knotted round the set and is printed with a single blooming peony.

The Peony Gift Box Set is available in five different variants, all printed on strong, rustic kraft paper: black and fluorescent pink ink, neon yellow glitter, spring grass ink, sunflower ink or black ink.

If the glitter printed product is purchased, although it is fixed, there will be loose glitter particles — a touch of the original process of the brand.

Ribbons, mini notecards and gift tags are available to purchase separately to complete the look.

The Gift Box measures 5” X 5” X 31/2” 


neon yellow glitter
spring grass
florescent pink & black
Ribbon Choice: