Morgan's Mist Candle

Presented in a 6-ounce apothecary jar of brown glass and packaged in a signature Morgan & Kydd Peony Gift Box, the Morgan’s Mist Candle ignites a profound serenity as it’s experienced.

Casting a blanket of serenity and calm, the mist that hangs over this area of Long Island, surrounded by water, is simply magical and hauntingly atmospheric. The compelling sense of calm is crafted by this candle’s signature blend of ingredients: bergamot, petitgrain sur fleurs, amyris, bay rum, atlas cedar, cypress, Himalayan fir, palo santo, labdanum, French cognac, balsam of storax, tonka bean, opoponax, and vetiver.

Morgan & Kydd candles are custom blended in collaboration with Jeffery Kong, infusing reiki energies within each formulation. We partner to craft distinct and aromatic blends, which are guided and inspired by the darkly atmospheric nature of our brand.

100% M&K Soy Candle blended with essential oils.