“It wasn’t until I came across the Morgan & Kydd stationery that I realised there was such a thing as beautiful, interesting, funny, edgy & utterly original out there… At Last!”
- Josie Richards

"Nothing makes me happier than giving gifts - especially when I find a gift that I know will be perfect for the recipient. To be able to add the perfect card, gift paper and gift tag, etc. is the icing on top. Morgan & Kydd products allow me to put beautifully personal ,final touches on each making the experience of gift giving that much more fun!"
~ Alana W. , Chicago, IL

Receiving a card or a gift wrapped in Morgan and Kydd's paper goods is always a treat. The handmade feeling makes all the pieces unique. Their cards combine a healthy dose of wit, a touch of macabre finished off with a sprinkle of glitter that always makes us smile...and their special ribbons add the final touch!
Daniela Manfredi - New York City

Morgan & Kydd is such a refreshingly gifting and home collection. Their handmade prints and symbols have an almost mythical and folkloric feel, which I find better express my personality and mood, than any other standard cards or gift wrappings When you buy Morgan & Kydd, you are really purchasing art for your home and loved ones!!
Cindy Waters - Queens NY

Morgan & Kydd’s “ No words “ card was a wow moment for me. Choosing a sympathy card is a daunting task as it is, but having to rifle through tons of overly sentimental cards, makes it even more difficult. This card is on the money…simple, clean and to the point and says what we all have trouble putting into words… genius.
Christina Visca

Mesmerizingly Beautiful! Something so complicated, delivered so simply… Morgan & Kydd never disappoints.

Frances Hathaway - New York City

Morgan & Kydd offers product the is not only aesthetically intriguing, but also witty, cerebral and unique. I highly recommend M & K if you are looking for something that goes beyond the run of the mill offerings. With a sarcastic quirk & divinely macabre undertones, each and every product is thoughtful & beautifully made. M & K really elevate the whole gift giving experience.
Scott Redhead - New York City

I love Morgan & Kydd ! The most fashionable addition for every gift .The gift paper is its own art . The cards & gift tags are icing for the gifts.Beautiful, original , and so so chic.
Cassie Glover - New York City