Our Story

As artists first, the creators behind Morgan & Kydd navigate life as constant curators of inspiration. A thought-provoking art exhibition, an antique pattern found in a favorite city, or an unexpected object stumbled upon whilst in the garden at their North Fork country house —  co-founders Rachel Rushforth-Worrell & Andre Worrell experience inspiration from any number of sources and reimagine their visions with collaborative creativity.

About Morgan and Kydd

The rich textures of Morgan & Kydd products are the artistic interpretations of these life experiences that they wish to share with their shoppers.

With their respective New York City careers in art, music, and fashion influencing their process, each handmade gift product is crafted with utmost professionalism and preeminent creativity. Their son, Drake Morgan Worrell, further adds to the creative collective. 

The Kydd’s & Party collection is inspired by the gap they personally found in children’s cards and packaging. The search for bold, simple, and emotional imagery for cards and gift packaging was the impetus to founding Morgan & Kydd and remains the essential inspiration behind the Morgan & Kydd Brand.

The name Morgan & Kydd was inspired by the founders’ respective English and Trinidadian family names in homage to the illustrious deeds of their shared past.