M & K Leopard Notecard

Brimming with vigor, the M & K Leopard Notecard bears all the power of the panther with each uniquely drawn rosette. Featuring a dizzying maze of careful designs, the notecard is available in two variants, both printed on kraft textured paper: black glitter or neon pink glitter.

Notecards can be used directly onto a gift or as a standalone frameable art piece.

Handprinted from lino cut blocks, our double processes further apply glitters or foils by hand. As with all cards, the Morgan & Kydd name is stamped on the back, handprinted on textured paper in Peconic, NY.

Although it is fixed, there will be loose glitter particles — a touch of the original process of the brand.

Card Measures 4 1/2” X 6 1/4”


Black glitter
Neon Pink glitter