M & K Heart Notecard

Tender and gentle, the M & K Heart Notecard shares the warmth of this collection with the buoyant heart that beats in its center. Featuring designs like spokes on either end that reminisce Cupid’s arrow, the notecard is available in two variants, both printed on kraft textured paper: neon yellow glitter or poppy ink.

Notecards can be used directly onto a gift or as a standalone frameable art piece. Handprinted from linocut blocks, our double processes further apply glitters or foils by hand. 

As with all cards, the Morgan & Kydd name is stamped on the back, handprinted in Peconic, NY.

Although it is fixed, there will be loose glitter particles — a touch of the original process of the brand.

Card Measures 4 1/2” X 6 1/4”