Grey Lady Candle

Presented in a 6-ounce apothecary jar of brown glass and packaged in a signature Morgan & Kydd Peony Gift Box, the Grey Lady Candle inspires introspection and creativity with each gentle waft.

This candle is inspired by the peaceful and nurturing energy sensed at our Victorian home and its gardens, nestled in Peconic on The North Fork of Long Island, where the countryside meets the water.

The candle brings to life the historic ambiance felt at the property and the aroma of the trees and flowers found within the garden. The insightful experience is cafted by this candle’s signature blend of ingredients: geranium, spearmint, amyris, laurel, juniper berries, white pine, Scot's pine, red pine, hemlock spruce, sweet birch, palo santo, birch tar, and copaiba balsam.

Morgan & Kydd candles are custom blended in collaboration with Jeffery Kong, infusing reiki energies within each formulation. We partner to craft distinct and aromatic blends, which are guided and inspired by the darkly atmospheric nature of our brand.

100% Soy blended with essential oils.